So much as changed in the last 20 years due to technology. Now that I.T. revolution is causing poor posture, and a lot of subtle, or not so subtle, back and neck and other health issues. You know the score – you are probably living with some of the problems of this new I.T. age.

Rather than rehash all the bad things you may be doing (Smart phones are the worst, especially if you send 2-3 hours a day looking at the screen), here are some things that you could be doing to improve your health.

  • Move every 30 minutes or so – stand up – walk a bit, stretch, do a few simple exercise.
  • Stand more often – take phone calls standing up.
  • Take stairs – get to work the long way or if at home, take a walk around your home every so often.
  • Learn how to breathe correctly – when you focus intently, you tend to inhale and hold your breath (check out
  • Consider a “stand –up” desk that can also be a standard desk. Just don’t overdue the standing time at the start.
  • Don’t forget your eyes – they tire and dry out. Look away from your screen regularly, preferably at something far away to give them a break.

All makes sense, we hope!!!

Don’t let office work kill you – you’ve got to move it, move it – you know it’s true.


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