Audit Targets

AUDIT TARGETS   The ATO picks people for an audit or review because they are different (red flags!!!) or because they have specific data on you from a data matching program. And they are getting very clever about it. There are laws requiring third parties e.g....

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Risk Management

RISK MANAGEMENT   WHAT IS RISK? You could define it as the possibility of suffering harm or loss. In the business context, we all suffer financial risk – a loss of assets, drop in sales leading to finance issues, people who don’t pay, or computer viruses, to name...

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30 June 2016 will soon be here

30.06.2016 WILL SOON BE HERE   So here’s a list of some things you should be thinking about, if they apply to you. The $20,000 write-off – will it last??  This is available to small business entities (generally those with a turnover of less than $2.0 million per...

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ESTATE PLANNING   Estate Planning involves some or all of the areas below, and much, much more.   WILL Do you have a Current Will? When was it prepared? Have you married, divorced or had children after the will was prepared? Do you know what happens if you die...

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EMPLOYMENT COSTS - THE FACTS   If you are budgeting or planning or costing and it involves the cost of labour, what numbers do you use? Apart from a base salary, you are also up for super (9%) workcover (rate varies) leave loading (??) and maybe payroll tax...

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